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You will not find a better dance teacher than Waylon! His experience and accolades speak for themselves but I’ve witnessed it first hand over the span of the past 10 plus years. My daughter took his kids ballroom class and loved it. He broke the steps down to make it easy for a child to understand and made the class fun for the little ones. I have taken both group and individual Latin ballroom classes through Waylon. My knowledge and skill was so limited with ballroom dance when I started with him. My lessons give the “me time” I need to just unwind. It gives me something to work on and toward. It’s given me confidence to try new, uncomfortable, and difficult things. With Waylon’s teaching, patience, and amazing choreography, I’ve found a great passion that I’ll enjoy for years to come. I wouldn’t want to be a student under anyone else’s direction! Thankful to have found the best of the best right here!

Jessica H.


I highly recommend Waylon as a Choreographer and Instructor. He is not only a extraordinary dancer, but he knows how to apply his technical ability to instruction. His choreography is innovative with great use of the music and space. He has excellent time management skills and lessons were well planned. My fiance' and I learned an entire routine in 5 lessons without any prior training whatsoever!

Kim T.


Waylon is an amazing dance instructor! He is patient and very encouraging. He breaks dances into easy to follow steps. His classes are really fun and I never wanted them to end!! My young daughter has taken lessons and my son took lessons for prom! we all loved learning from him. Waylon is a gem!!

Tricia L.

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